Open a laser combat business, laser combat weapons LSD are airsoft guns replicas and real replicas and wireless technology.


Laser Combat is a high tech game that takes place in real time and in any space. The aim of laser combat ir to defeat enemy players shooting their special sensors placed in a band on their heads.


In the past two years, the popularity of Laser Combat business has grown by 7.5 times and growing. This indicates a growing demand and the apparent promise of this type of entertainment.


Due to the fact that the popularity of outdoor Laser Tag is increasing every year, it is a very good business investment based on this game.


It's a perfect and innovative idea for entertainment business market opening, which today is very promising.


Before our system, it existed only one brand with very fake guns and yesterday's technology that bring cable between weapons and sensors.


Laser Combat LSD sells replicas of weapons with wireless system (no need to bond the gun to the sensor). The Laser Combat LSD is quite similar to paintball or airsoft, but it is less costly for the organization of business processes.


Its main advantage is you do not need a separate site for events or ammunition. It is mobile and can be used in any environment.


To start the business it does not need to have suitable land for this, you may choose to fight to the outdoors or in the city, with deserted buildings or ground spaces.


If you already have a paintball or airsoft business, Laser Combat LSD is a very good complement innovative to have your sets full.


Therefore, each year the war games are gaining popularity for adults - laser tag. If you seriously think about starting your own business in this industry, it makes sense to pay special attention to our offers.


This kind of Laser Combat game is been existing little time in Europe, but it does with so many expectations.


Laser Combat LSD equipment, compared to paintball and airsoft has many significant advantages:


  • Players do not need protective gear, because ammunition is harmless light rays.
  • Leaving no bruises or injuries because it is totally harmless.
  • No special equipment is needed.
  • No ammo expenses (money of the gun rent is clean)
  • Weapons can be used by children (as opposed to airsoft and paintball)
  • If you work, it is a very good complement for the weekend.


  • The amateur Laser Combat LSD equipment for 16 people now costs  13,000 €.
  • If you start without any own piece of ground, you can do it in the woods, country, abandoned buildings ... (Cost of rent is 0)
  • Renting of the 16 equipments is from 400 € (25 € a weapon 2 hours) 3 combats a week reports 1,200 €.
  • In 3 months the business is amortized.
  • If your city does not have Laser Combat LSD, hurry because you'll be the first to buy Laser Combat LSD weapons.
  • Wanting to enter the European market we have cheaper and better technology laser weapons on the market.


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