TXT Configuration and Statistics reset

When buying a Laser Combat LSD weapon is obtained not only modern electronics, but also the most advanced software to configure weapons and to have real-time game statistics.


Software description of our equipment:


In Windows 7 software is automatically installed.

In Windows XP you must install the driver supplied with the software package.


Description of dropdown menu functions:

Indication: It gives an indication of the selected weapon and defeat sensor. The weapons emit a sound and display power LED flashes quickly.

Change name: It allows you to connect the selected weapon to a player's name.


Characterization of weapons:

Each weapon has a code to change its configuration.


  • Identification of the weapons by teams from 1 to 250;
  • Identification of equipment, from 1 to 250;
  • The number of ammunition for each weapon in combat;
  • Shooting in auto mode (shots a minute) from 60 to 2000.
  • The dropdown list contains some features of some of the known types of weapons;
  • Number of shots in a row
  • Number of deaths per player
  • Time it takes to re-shoot when you empty a clip;
  • Time of game in each match;
  • Power of the shot, from 25 to 100, for indoor games to no rebounding shots.
  • Damage: Number of lives the enemy lost in one shot.
  • Friendly Fire.



Before the game, the radio base searches all enabled devices around, all the devices found are displayed in a table.


The window of the game contains a board game and menu buttons. The table shows the statistics of players and teams:


  • Team name and player ID;
  • Number of victories for the team;
  • El número de muertes de un jugador;
  • Number of deads a player;
  • Percentage of life remaining for a player;
  • The assasin for each player in current round;
  • Battery level of the weapon;
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