This equipment generation is different from other brands on the market, having wireless system between the weapon and defeat sensor.


Weapons are adapted to airsoft guns cases.


This innovation increases the realism and the reliability of the laser tag sets. Now, nothing restricts the movement of players during the game, the signal cable between the gun and a bandage is not damaged and or broken. In the 5th-generation change in the characteristics of weapons and the elimination of games statistics that go via radio with a range of 50 meters. No special handling is required, the radio automatically finds all active devices (firearms and headbands) around.


Changes in the features and the reading the statistics is a single click. The fifth generation has replaced the old wired equipment in 2012.


Main features of equipments:


  • Full integration of the electronics inside the weapons.
  • Equipped with a headband with 4 defeat sensors.
  • Range up to 230 m
  • Vibration when it is beaten
  • Sound of 8-bit, 22050 kHz (mp3 quality)
  • Single-shot to automatic switching
  • Wireless conection to a PC for installation and statistics collection on TTX games
  • Digital adjustment of the power of the shot for no bouncing indoors
  • Shot of light
  • Display of weapons
  • Weapons indentification system
  • Intelligent signal processing IC
  • Powered by 2 x batteries (AA)
  • Voltage 2.4 volts, the capacity of 2 - 2.5 A / h 15-20 hours of active play of battery life
  • The system includes a standard battery
  • Batteries are sold separately
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