Thanks to our long and extensive experience as a wholesaler, exporter and importer of new technologies products, we bring the European market replicas of weapons and wireless laser LSD combat accessories as synonymous of quality and professionalism in other countries. Based on these principles, we have positioned ourselves as one of the most influential companies in the sector.


As a big wholesaler, we have adapted our facilities to the latest technology and we have always embraced the most innovative and effective principles of logistics management . This is why we can offer a service characterized by quality and timely deliveries.


Find out in this website the principles of quality, technology and design that make laser combat LSD the benchmark in its sector. Meet LSD systems that guarantee the best technological progress in the laser combat weapons market.

We have a huge range of Laser Combat LSD weapons to open an innovating business and a fast return on investment.

With our Laser Combat LSD accessories you can modify in a moment the settings according to the game you want to perform.

Combate Láser Distribuidor

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